Award Winners

The table below lists those individuals (Students and Early Career Investigators – ECI), whose research has been chosen by the Awards Committee during the Congress as being of exceptional quality, and has been as such acknowledged by attribution of an award sponsored by one of the award sponsors (will be listed along with the awardee’s name shortly).

Category Awardee PhD Student / ECI
Medicine and Biology 1. Olga Michel Student
  2. Maura Bendix Student
  3. Barbara Starešinič Student
  1. Felipe Maglietti ECI
  2. Alessandra Rossi ECI
  3. Rasmus Virenfeldt Flak ECI
Vaccines 1. Rebecca Brock Student
  1. Urška Kamenšek ECI
Biomedical Engineering 1. David Ramirez Student
  2. Philip Graybill Student
  3. Johanna Neuber Student
  1. Marie Lefevre Student/ECI, Best Poster
  1. Shirley Sharabi ECI
  2. Alan Sugrue ECI
  3. Josette Zaklit ECI
Food Engineering 1. Evelien Vaessen Student
  2. Sakina Bensalem Student
  3. Charlotte Da Silva Student
  1. Damaris Krust Student/ECI, Best Poster
  1. Sahar Akaberi ECI
  2. Vitalij Novickij ECI